Since its inception 33 years ago, the Guardianship Program of Dade County, Inc. has provided quality care to over 6,000 individuals. Guardianship Program is a private, non-profit agency which acts as the Public Guardian for indigent adults who are adjudicated incapacitated in Miami-Dade County, Florida. A full range of services is provided to care for the multiple needs of our wards.

Guardianship Program monitors, supervises, and authorizes legal, medical, financial, social and psychiatric services 24-hours a day, with professional accounting systems in place to protect both the person and the property of the ward. No task is too small; our staff will happily mail letters, pay bills, and just 'be there.' Guardianship Program also secures caring living arrangements and authorizes and oversees medical treatments, Medicare payments, and ongoing care.

With the agency's vast store of knowledge and experience, the staff continually seeks to provide service to our community in innovative ways. Computerized tracking systems help establish and manage clients' financial accounts. The agency is proud to have the support and trust of the Probate and Guardianship Division of the 11th Judicial Court, as well as the State of Florida, Department of Elder Affairs. Guardianship Program helps to assure that Miami-Dade County is a good place in which to live and grow old. No matter an individual's wealth or lack thereof, the Guardianship Program is the comprehensive care resource that we can all be proud of--the resource that DOES make a difference.

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The 13th Annual Golf Tournament will be held on Friday May 2, 2014 at the Country Club of Miami. For more information call 305-592-7642.



Our mission is to provide the courts with reliable guardianship services for eligible persons adjudicated incapacitated.

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